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Akandu Ukoha (Executive Director)

Akandu (AK) Ukoha has over 10 years of experience in Information Technology. He has been a part of, and led, IT projects which involved conceiving, designing and developing software/systems/applications.

Currently based in Baltimore in the United States, he has consulted for large multinational corporations like Morgan Stanley and led multiple IT initiatives for the Baltimore City Housing. He has won several awards for identifying improvement opportunities and establishing automation processes.

Akandu is a Certified Scrum Master and an Accredited Project Manager. He has experience in software development (SDLC), data analysis, creating high level business reports, IT project management and training.

 Home - Marcy Consulting - Responsive Web Design - Andriod Developer

Anaga Uche (Director)

Anaga Uche is an experienced Software Developer/Engineer, he has worked with languages like JAVA, SQL, PHP, JavaScript and has designed and developed various applications across industries for clients such as Lufthansa.

He has great passion for helping Retail/Corporate Industries utilize properly the latest software technologies, and he ensures that he is developing according to your exact needs.