Digital Marketing Tips for Personal Shopper Entrepreneurs

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With a crowded fashion market, it is important to distinguish your brand from the pack. One of the best ways to do this is through Digital Marketing. It can help create brand awareness and improve sales. You can also track performance and get customer feedback to fine tune your brand performance. When you use Digital Marketing correctly, you will get the attention of your target market and they will become loyal clients. 


  1. Utilize Social Media Platforms

You should be on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This will give you an opportunity to reach a wider audience and create awareness. These applications will also allow you to post visual content, run promotions and campaigns to attract potential clients. You will also track performance and make necessary changes to your marketing strategy.


  1. Subscriber List

As a personal shopper, building a solid subscriber list is key! You can sign potential clients up using an exclusive offer like a digital ebook with a magazine style gift guide. There is so much you can achieve through email marketing if you have a list of interested clients. They can be provided with style guides, promotional offers, store sales information and more. This will help build your credibility and increase customer engagement.


  1. Website/Blog

There is so much you can do with website or blog as a personal shopper. This avenue will give you the opportunity to be as creative as possible. Your audience will also get a glimpse of your fashion sense and personality as well. The website or blog should be used to promote your products and provide fashion advice. You can discuss current trends and link your products associated with those trends.


  1. Re-Target Your Visitors

Most of your website or social media visitors are not ready to buy immediately. With retargeting you are able to reach them with reminders. It might take some time or a little nudge to convince them to become clients. Offering a slight discount is a fantastic way of drawing them back in to  complete the sale.


  1. Create a Loyalty Program

Reinforce loyalty by starting an effective rewards program and tie it in with your email or in-app marketing. Members can receive exclusive discounts, early notification of store sales, style guides and much more. Through this program, you can keep your clients engaged and see an increase in referral business. If you provide your members with value, they will be more be more happier and likely to keep purchasing from you. Also, With competing businesses vying for their attention, this is an effective way to reduce churn.

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